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A Guide to 1xBet Deposit Methods India

1xBet, a very experienced sportsbook, is loved by people all around the world. Due to the expertise of this platform, it is a really trustworthy bookmaker. As the world advanced, people started betting more and more, each day. Seeing this, 1xBet assured to spread itself all over the world and that was how they got India under its influence too.

1xBet deposit might be confusing at first due to the various kinds of payment, as well as bonuses and promoting methods, involved. The working of deposit charges might have made you curious. Therefore, in this guide, you will find information related to the charges that will gladly help when you make a deposit.

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1xBet Deposit Charges You May Encounter

1xBet Deposit Charges

1xBet is not only for basic gambling but it provides you with a lot of features, among which the most popular one is bonuses. Bonuses are given in various ways.

These include:

  • Birthday bonus
  • Happy Friday promotion
  • Wednesday bonus
  • Daily bonus
  • Welcome offer

But this isn’t it! 1xBet India has a much wider variety of bonuses! One of the important things to know is that 1xBet deposit is to be made by you. But it depends on the bonus you are receiving. That means not all the bonuses require deposits, but some of them like Welcome offer and Happy Friday promotion needs a deposit of small amount to obtain the 1xBet bonus.

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Specific 1xBet Deposit Charges You Need to Know about

Specific 1xBet Deposit Charges

In general, a deposit of €1 is necessary before having access to the bonuses. Depending on the situation, the deposits can increase to €100 and in return, there will be no losses involved.

The bonuses that need a deposit include:

  • The Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is provided when you join as a new member and make a 1xBet minimum deposit of €1. The €1500 + 150 free bets feature can only be accessed when these deposits are made.

  • 1st Deposit Bonus

1xBet also made a decision of offering a 100% bonus when you make your first-ever 1xBet deposit. To obtain this as a newbie, you only have to deposit an amount of €130.

  • Lucky Friday

It is just like the other offers where you have to make 1xBet deposit charges to enter the promotion, which is, in this case, from €1 to €100. These bonuses are available every Friday.

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Learn about How to Deposit in 1xBet in India

How to Deposit in 1xBet in India

To make a deposit, the bookmaker has provided various ways that are efficient for the people making payments. The ways of payment for deposits are necessary for people to know. There are up to 200 ways of making the deposits which will bring you to ease.

Without taking this further let’s just jump right into the various methods, which are as follows:

  1. Bank Cards Bank Cards are most commonly used today, so you might have also expected this to show up in one of the methods of payments. 1xBet deposit that is made from cards ensures safety of your private information and is very simple to use. All you have to do is provide your card information to a page. MasterCard, Entropay, and Visa are a few of the cards you can use to make your payments. You do not have to worry about what cards you have to use since both the debit and credit cards can be used for making the 1xBet minimum deposit India. Isn’t that great? 1xBet has also ensured the security of your private information since a lot of people are worried about their security. Various steps are taken by the bookie so you can safely perform 1xBet deposit India.
  2. E-Wallets Noticing the increasing growth of usage of e-wallets, 1xBet has given an option of payments through e-wallets. To put people at ease, different deposit methods for e-wallets are given that are in the following list:
    • PayPal
    • Sticpay
    • Perfect Money
    • Skrill
    • Epay
  3. Cryptocurrencies Cryptocurrencies are just one of those easy and popular methods people really appreciate. This payment method might get more attention in the future. When people are not willing to use their cash on gambling, virtual coins can prove useful. The list below shows the ways to make a 1xBet minimum deposit:
    • Litecoin
    • Dash
    • Dogecoin
    • Bitcoin
    • Ethereum
  4. Mobile Payments Another way by which you can make 1xBet deposits is via your mobile. 1xBet has introduced an app for mobile phones to make a payment if your PC is not available.
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1xBet Minimum Deposit Requirements in India

1xBet Minimum Deposit Requirements

Are you curious to know about 1xBet minimum deposit India? Fortunately, deposits of €1 are usually enough to get access to the bonuses.

When a withdrawal is to be made, you do not have to worry about any 1xBet deposit charges. The withdrawals work immediately. The 1xBet minimum withdrawal in India is quite greater than the minimum deposit, which causes a difference between them.

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Can You Change Your Currency for Your 1xBet Deposit?

A lot of users question whether they can use their currency or not, since it’s easier to use their own country currency for making a 1xBet deposit than other currencies. Although some do not really mind how the charges are being made. The chosen currency can have an influence on your deposit or withdrawal commission but that is not so important.

No option is given to choose another country’s currency for paying deposits when an account is made and the currency is to be selected. But if you are willing to pay 1xBet minimum deposit India in other currencies, you have to discuss it with a staff member.

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When you are new to the game of 1xBet minimum deposit India, it can be really difficult. But with the different ways of making payments you cannot get too puzzled up.

This overview of the deposit charges, the 1xBet deposit methods India, and so forth will luckily help you. According to your choices, you can make a deposit by cash easily as well when signing up.Get a free bonus

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